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Conventional Oil vs Synthetic Oil

Conventional vs Synthetic Oil



Breaking Down the Differences for Pasadena Area Drivers

Though synthetic oil is a bit pricier than its conventional counterpart, it will last twice as long. Since synthetic oil is man-made, it is specifically designed to be efficient. Would you rather pay a little more upfront or wind up back at the mechanic in half the time? The decision is yours; however, price and distance are not the only factors to consider. Your car has a say in this matter as well.

vehicle Requirements

If your car requires conventional oil, you can use synthetic oil without facing any problems; however, if your car requires synthetic oil, using conventional oil can cause serious damage and/or lead to severe mechanical issues. It may even void your warranty! If you're wondering what type of oil your car requires, simply open up the hood and check out the oil fill cap (you will find it transcribed here).


If You Have the Choice...

If you have the choice, we at Community Kia recommend you choose synthetic. Man-made synthetic oil reduces environmental pollution; when using conventional oil, a vast amount of toxic gases are released into the atmosphere. Furthermore, synthetic oil–unlike conventional oil–can withstand extreme temperatures (high and low).

While regular oil may cost less, it won't last as long, does more damage to the environment, and is simply less stable. Synthetic oil is designed for optimal vehicle performance and environmental friendliness. How often do these two benefits come together?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Kia dealer near Pasadena at (281) 725-6632. We are ready and willing to answer any questions you may have.

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