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Baytown KIA oil change

At Community Kia, we understand the importance of regular oil changes, and want to help you keep your car running for years to come. With regular oil changes, your engine will continue to run smoothly, benefiting from the clean oil that keeps the parts moving. Our team of service technicians will be able to help Baytown Kia drivers happy with each service appointment.

The Importance of an Oil Change

Oil changes are important, as they keep your engine healthy for years. With regular oil changes, your car can perform the way it should, thanks to the clean and fresh oil used. Below are a few reasons why regular oil changes are important.

  • Engine lubrication: Your car's engine has a myriad of moving parts, and they all need to be properly lubricated. If not lubricated, these parts can break down, putting your car, and yourself, in a bad spot. New and clean oil keeps these parts lubricated, making the engine run smoothly.
  • Cools the engine: With so many parts moving together at once, heat is created if not properly lubricated. Not only does clean oil lubricate the engine, but it also cools it down and keeps it from getting overheated. Too much friction is bad, and clean oil prevents overheating.
  • Removes sludge: When oil breaks down over time, it breaks down and creates “sludge." Sludge is not good for your engine, but clean oil can prevent sludge build up., keeping your engine in great shape.

Why Visit Our Baytown Kia Service Center

At Community Kia, we want nothing more than for our customers to enjoy our service, as well as our hospitality. While our well trained technicians do their jobs and take care of your car, our service department takes care of you. Our all-new Community Collision center is 3 times larger than before, making it the largest Collision Repair Facility in the area. We also work on all models, not just Kia’s, so don’t hesitate to stop by, no matter what you drive. We want to take care of you the best we can, so stop on by our Kia service center in Baytown.

Service Reviews

"Great experience! I got the car I wanted and got a fair deal on my trade! Service was great and I'll be back when I need another car!"- user

Owner Resources

If you have any questions about your KIA and the service it may need, check out the information from our dealership.

If you are looking to bring your Kia in for an oil change, be sure to contact Community Kia by calling (877) 710-0759 to schedule an appointment today. Everything we do is centered around you.

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