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Kia Wiper Blades Service in Baytown

KIA wiper blade service in Baytown

Wiper blades are crucial to the drivers vision, so it is important to take very good care of them. If your vehicle’s wiper blades are old or not working, you are putting both yourself and those around you in danger. Don’t let dirt build up on your windshield, and let our Baytown KIA service center help you with all of your wiper blades needs with genuine KIA parts and service.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs New Wiper Blades

Old wiper blades could hinder your visibility out on the road, so it is important to have new wiper blades when your current blades begin to weaken. There are many ways to tell if it is time for new wiper blades, so check out the tips below before you put yourself in danger.

  • Streaks on the Glass: If your wiper blades streak the windshield while operating, they are not working properly. Not only are they not working properly, but they are also obstructing the view of the driver, which is very dangerous.
  • Screeching Sounds: Over time, your wiper blades being to wear, meaning the hard rubber which was once sharp, is now dull. When dull, it creates a screeching noise as it travels across your windshield, and this signifies it is time for a new set of blades.
  • Wiper Blades Bounce:When using your wiper blades, they might bounce if they are old and out of shape. The bouncing may be because of bent wiper blade arms, and if that is the case, it is very important to change the blades right away!


Why Visit Community KIA For Service?

Community KIA strives to put a smile on the faces of many. Not only do we have a new Community Collision center that is the largest Collision Repair Facility in the area, but we also help everyone by servicing all makes and models. No matter what car you drive, we can help. We also work hard to give back to the community, as it has given us so much. By helping out and donating to local charities, we believe the Baytown community is among the best.

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"Great experience! I got the car I wanted and got a fair deal on my trade! Service was great and I'll be back when I need another car!" - user

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Whether you want our team to help replace your wiper blades or you just need help finding the right blades for your vehicle, let us help you! Call (877) 710-0759 for help.

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